Progressive Web Applications were developed to allow for web-based applications to have a similar experience to a native application.

Brandsynth is a Progressive Web Application. This means that on your Windows or Mac computer, or your iOS or Android phone, you'll be able to install Brandsynth to your computer desktop or phone home screen. You'll be able to access your Brandsynth account without having to go onto your browser. This will help with your user experience, and also provide convenience whilst using Brandsynth.

The aim of PWA's is to enhance the user experience, convenience and to add to the application functionality. Most modern browsers support PWA's, including Google Chrome, Safari, Edge and Firefox. If a web application is a PWA, you will be able to install the application to your phone or desktop. This will create an application-defined icon for the application, and allow you to bypass accessing your browser in order to use the application.

In order to install Brandsynth to your computer or mobile device, follow the appropriate guide below:-